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  • Custom Wholesale RSH Flexible Packaging China Manufacturer
    Custom Wholesale RSH Flexible Packaging China Manufacturer
    What you need to know about flexible packaging, the history of flexible packaging can be traced back to the 1970s, after more than 50 years of development, there are different types of flexible packaging, knowing these kinds will help you start your packaging business with less effort, we are the most professional flexible packaging manufacturer.What is the importance of flexible packaging?In today's society, people are increasingly concerned about the safety and quality of food. Only by choosing environmentally friendly and non-polluting materials for processing can people's physical and mental health and life be guaranteed.What is the importance of choosing flexible packaging?When you are a flexible packaging manufacturer, a good quality flexible packaging is absolutely very important, it can not only help you bring good benefits, but also help you gain more market share.And depending on your packaging products, such as mylar bags, coffee bags, biodegradable bags, breast milk bags, all require different materials or different bag types. Choose the right flexible packaging for you, easy for product storage.How to choose the right flexible packaging?It is not difficult to choose flexible packaging, first of all it is related to the type of product. Next, we will combine some related products to learn some tips for choosing flexible packaging.1. Flexible packaging production lineFind a manufacturer with a production line, so that you can get the ex-factory price directly without worrying about the high price. And if you have any questions, you can directly hand over to the factory, and the processing is timely and effective, saving communication time and improving work efficiency.2. Product quality and after-sales problemsAs the saying goes, the customer is God, and a series of professional pre-sales and pre-sales services are a plus for every flexible packaging manufacturer. We also have SGS, FAD, ROHS and other certificates to provide customers with satisfactory pre- sales services.3. How to choose suitable flexible packaging according to product characteristics?First of all, you need to tell us what the product is, and then we will introduce different material packaging for you based on previous experience and tell you its disadvantages and advantages, such as powdered food, we recommend kraft paper bags, because kraft paper is better than other Plastic packaging storage is safer and more in line with the environmental protection trend of the market. Your products are also more likely to become explosives and sell out. The disadvantage is that the price is a bit expensive. Anyway, we We will provide you with the most favorable package until you are satisfied!We can provide free shipping once a month for existing samples, if you want to know more information, please contact us at RSH Packaging is a 23 years manufacturer in China, specializing in all kinds of flexible packaging bags.Our main products is coffee bags, mylar bags, aluminum foil bag,stand up pouch, spout pouch, lay flat bag, flat bottom bag, film roll etc.We support OEM & ODM, provide free design service.
    December 05, 2022

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